29 States of India and Their Meanings: Incredible India

**29 States of India and Their Meanings**

So let’s begin an adventure trip for those who don’t know the name of the 29 states of India according to alphabetical order…

29 States of India With Capital  And Their Languages

1. Andhra Pradesh (AP)

2. Arunachal Pradesh (AR)

3. Assam (AS)

4. Bihar (BR)

5. Chhattisgarh(CG)

6. Goa (GA)

7. Gujarat (GJ)

8. Haryana (HR)

9. Himachal Pradesh (HP)

10. Jammu and Kashmir (JK)

11. Jharkhand (JK)

12. Karnataka (KA)

13. Kerala (KL)

14. Madhya Pradesh (MP)

15. Maharashtra (MH)

16. Manipur (MN)

17. Meghalaya (ML)

18. Mizoram (MZ)

19. Nagaland (NL)

20. Odisha (OR)

21. Punjab (PB)

22. Rajasthan (RJ)

23. Sikkim (SK)

24. Tamil Nadu (TN)

25. Telangana (TS)

26. Tripura (TR)

27. Uttar Pradesh (UP)

28. Uttarakhand (UK)

29. West Bengal (WB)

Now you know the name of 29 states of India and also seen some amazing pictures related to origin of name of relative states.

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29 States of India With Capital  And Their Languages

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