Avoid These Mistakes While Wearing Covid 19 Face Mask, otherwise there will be Big loss

Clean Your face Before Wearing Mask

The guideline issued to prevent corona virus infection states that wearing masks is mandatory and people are also following this guideline. People are wearing masks before leaving their homes. So that they can be protected from corona virus. However, there are many people who do not know how the face mask is worn.

covid face mask
covid face mask

Wearing a Face Mask in the wrong way can be fatal

Wearing masks in the wrong way can harm you and many people do not know the right way to wear masks. Because of which their lives are threatened. Before wearing the mask, you must follow the following things and wear the mask only under these rules.

Important things related to wearing masks right way

Clean Your face Before Wearing Mask

Clean Your face Before Wearing Mask
Clean Your face Before Wearing Mask

Always clean your face before wearing a mask. After cleansing the face, apply a good quality moisturizer. After applying moisturizer, clean your hands thoroughly and then apply mask on face. Applying moisturizer reduces the risk of allergic reactions.

Apply Less Makeup

Many people wear masks after makeup, which is wrong. You always try here that there is no makeup while wearing the mask on your face. Because there is a higher risk of makeup going into the mouth after wearing a mask. Also, skin problems may occur. So avoid makeup and make up even if it is very important.

Masks should be of only good clothes

There are many types of masks available in the shop but you only buy those masks which are made of cotton cloth. Avoid wearing masks made of clothes other than cotton.

Do not wear masks for long

Do not wear the mask for long and keep removing it from time to time. Many people continue to wear masks that are harmful to the healthy. So do not make this mistake and keep removing the mask from time to time.

Clean the mask

After coming home, clean your mask well. After removing the mask, clean it with soap and dry it in the sun. Remember to always wear the mask only after cleaning. By doing this, the dirt and other particles on the mask are cleaned.

Clean Your face After removing Face Mask

After removing the mask, clean your face with a face wash or cleanser. After that, apply a mild moisturizer on the face. Also clean your hands with soap.

Keep these things in mind

  • Do not wear a mask while walking the morning. Doing so can cause difficulty in breathing.
  • Do not wear masks while exercising or doing any work.
  • Do not wear another person’s mask nor give your mask to anyone else.


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