8 Reasons Why Women Cheat to their Husband and Do Extra Marital Affairs

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The relationship of husband and wife is considered a relationship of seven births. However, in today’s modern time, this one birth can last a lot. Trust and loyalty are very important for any happy married life. But sometimes due to some specific reasons, the partner is forced to cheat. Even after her marriage, she starts having affair with someone. Affair can be run by both husband and wife. In today’s article, we will discuss ‘Why does wife run an affair’.

8 Reasons Why Women Cheat

#1. Memory of first love

It is common for girls to have boyfriends before marriage. Problems only come when she does not forget them even after getting married. If they are not happy with their marriage, then the memory of the boyfriend becomes even faster. Then his love affair starts flowing in emotions.

#2. Domestic violence

If after marriage, the husband molests the woman, does not respect her, considers her to be a pair, then the house and marriage become hell for the wife. After this, she starts looking for a new partner for herself. She starts to like non-men better than her husband.

#3. Revenge

Some women run an affair with non-men only in the desire to take revenge on their husband. For example, if the husband is having an affair elsewhere, the wife also does the same to teach him a lesson. Apart from this, if the husband doubts the matter or bothers him in some other way, then the feeling of revenge in the wife is awakened.

#4. Forced marriage

Many times girls do not have the desire to get married but due to pressure from parents, they get married. Women are not happy with this kind of forced marriage. Therefore, if the husband does not like it after marriage, he wishes to have an affair.

#5. Lack of romance

After a few years of marriage, the romance and interest of the husband starts decreasing. In such a situation, in order to eradicate their physical needs, wives feel compelled to have an affair with non-men. Many times the husband is not physically strong enough to make the woman achieve extreme happiness. That is why women conduct affairs.

#6. Want to do something new

Many times women become bored with their married life. They have a desire to experiment something new. They do not think of breaking the marriage, but are affair with one time fun affair.

#7. No Emotional Support

Whenever a woman is in misery, she wants emotional support from her husband. If the husband does not give this support to his wife, and any non-male provides emotional support, then the wife’s mind is lost.

#8. Quarrel (लड़ाई झगड़ा)

If there is a fight between husband and wife during the day, then there comes a point when wives start getting attracted towards other boys.

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