Women should not wear these 3 things after marriage

Women should not wear after marrige

Astrology and Vastu are given great importance in Hinduism. It is believed that following the things mentioned in them increases happiness in life. At the same time, by violating their rules and regulations, sadness and misfortune does not leave the chase. Knowing things related to our daily life has a profound effect on our life. There is a connection of positive or negative energy with every decision or action you take. These things also affect our married life.

In such a situation, today we are going to give you some special information related to women’s jewelery and apparel. According to astrology and Vastu, a beautiful woman should stop wearing three special things after marriage. If a happy woman wears these things, then her married life can get busy. This will have a direct impact on his married life. Marriage can be ruined. So let us know what the woman should avoid wearing after marriage.

What are These 3 Things

White color saree

In Hinduism only a widow woman wears a white colored sari. Therefore, if a pleasant lady wears this color sari, it is considered a big omen. However, some women wear white sarees in the name of fashion without thinking. This is not true according to the scriptures. By doing this, the relationship of the woman with her husband can be spoiled. Not only this, your husband’s life is also threatened.

White color saree
White color saree

Gold anklet

Usually anklets and bichis made of silver are worn on the feet. But now due to fashion and hobbies, some women have started wearing gold anklets. It is believed that Kubera, the god of wealth, gets angry by doing so. This causes you to lose money. It is said that gold should always be worn only in the upper part of the waist. If you wear it in the organs below the waist, then poverty comes home. With this, there is no progress of the woman’s husband. His loss starts on loss.

Gold anklet
Gold anklet

Black Bangle

Women also like to wear bangles. However, you should not forget to add black colored bangles to your black circle. Black color is a symbol of negative energy. Wearing it is considered inauspicious. Especially a happy woman should not wear it at all. If you wear this colored bangle, then a mountain of trouble can break on your husband and children. Therefore, wearing it should be avoided.

Hope you like this information. I request you to share this with your well-known Suhagan women. In this way, they too will not be able to wear them in an unknown way. Stay tuned with us for such interesting information.

black colored bangle
black colored bangle


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